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R Y A N   S P E A K M A N


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​Oklahoma!  at Sharon Playhouse

“TriArt’s production benefits from three main elements: a dashing Curley in the form of Ryan Speakman, gorgeous sets and lights , and a wonderfully committed group of community actors. . .

Kudos go immediately to Speakman – Curley is, for all intents and purposes, the driving force of this musical, and when a person goes into the theater with Hugh Jackman on the brain, it’s quite a feat to wipe that memory away. Speakman, a recent graduate of NYU, has a delightfully deep baritone sound – the crucial moments are those opening bars of “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’,” as the lights raise on Aunt Eller (Glenda Lauten) churning butter and Speakman’s silhouette next to the windmill. Curley has to set the tone (hopeful and enthusiastic) as well as drip that song over the audience like warm honey. At every turn, Speakman was on target.”"

                                           - Dana Gavin, The Hudson Valley News


"“From the moment Curly, blond and good looking, walks forward on a still, early morning stage bathed in soft, golden light and opens the show with “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’,” you are ravished with wonderful voices and musical sensibilities. Speakman’s tenor can be both meaty and light, and he uses it well.”"

                                             - Leon Graham, The Lakeville Journal

With Glee at NYMF

"Ryan Speakman is Sam, the poor kid thrown into the mix. He’s an especially appealing performer, in a quieter way, somewhat the observer. Some of his reactions are particularly good, if you keep your eye on him (which is easy to do): a perfect moment is where he reacts in worried horror to a plot the others are hatching: "We could be expelled!!!" he cries in knee-jerk dismay. Then, remembering how much he hates the prison-like school, his face lights up ... with glee.

                                                                 -Rob Lester, EDGE nyc

    "With Glee's main strength is its cast...As Sam, Ryan Speakman has a faux-tough appeal reminiscent of Mark-Paul Gosselar..."

                                           -Anthony C.E. Nelson,

The Sound of Music at Nantucket Dreamland

" Ryan Speakman was enjoyable as Captain von Trapp and was perhaps at his strongest when it counted - on stage with Page and with the children. Captain Von Trapp is a demanding role - he's brooding, he's in love, he's a patriot - and Speakman carried it off with aplomb."

                -Margaret Carrol-Bergman, The Nantucket Independent

The Hunchback of Notre Dame at The Argyle Theatre

“Ryan Speakman is simply brilliant as Frollo. His gorgeous vocals ring through the theater with clarity and strength, while his perfect characterization and tonality bring humanity to Frollo; you’ll love to hate him, and you might even feel sorry for him.”"

                                           - Kristen Weyer, The Theatre Guide


Cabaret at Merry-Go-Round Playhouse

"Ryan Speakman, convincingly Germanic, excels as one of the Kit Kat regulars, Ernst Ludwig. Dashing and urbane, he involves Cliff, desperate for money, in his smuggling schemes. When his Nazi sympathies are eventually revealed, Cliff and Fräulein Schneider are the only ones who truly hear the ominous notes amidst the revelry."

                                                    -Barbara Adams, Ithaca Times

"As the show comes to a boil and Nazi alliance proudly shown by Ernst Ludwig, played by the charming and unknowing foil Ryan Speakman, Fraulein Schneider cannot get past the hard life she would have with a Jewish husband."

                                                 -Josh Austin,

Company at Playhouse on Park

"The major challenge of Company lies in the casting of Bobby.  From the first moment of the piece to the final moments, you hear his name as a leitmotif.  Everyone is worried about Bobby, especially Bobby.  And, in terms of a role, Bobby is worrisome.  Most of what we know about him is what we hear from others.  Director Leslie Unger has cast the tall, handsome Ryan Speakman in the part.  True to the character, he is likeable, sings beautifully and is a capable actor."

                                               -Jacques Lamarre,

"Bobby, played with angst by the excellent Ryan Speakman, is the relationship-allergic man in question, who is surrounded by couples who want nothing more than to have him join their team."


                                                                    -Kory Louks, Journal Inquirer

"Speakman is an attractive actor,  with a wonderful singing voice that makes the plaintive "Marry Me A Little" and the angry, more desperate "Being Alive" among the high points of the evening. I've encountered this actor before, delivering a funny, touching performance off-Broadway in a musical called "With Glee" and his take on "Someone is Waiting," in which he creates his ideal woman from the personalities of his married women friends, captures his acting abilities at their best."

                                                                     -Andrew Beck,The Examiner

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